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“Love this place!!!!!!!
The doctors are very professional, excellent understanding, and compassionate for terrified patients like me. But the most remarkable feature about this practice is the staff. From the front desk to the dental hygienists, they are outstanding and good at what they do. They are putting the customer first not by hanging it on the wall in a painting, by working on it and ensure that you are happy with the service you get. Awesome job and great management. Will recommend for everyone. ” — Tony M.

“I’m 24 now and I’ve been coming here since I was 6 years old! Paramount Dental Arts treats you like family and gives the best care for your teeth. If I ever move, I’ll fly out just for their care!” — Leana L.

“Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. The dentists are very kind and thorough with explanations, as well as being gentle and quick with dental work. The staff members are all super friendly and reassuring. I am actually feeling much less terrified about going to the dentist now.” — Maura G.

“Originally Resnick Dental and Now Paramount Dental, Dr. Resnick and his amazing staff are truly the best dental office in Clifton. Their knowledge, kindness and friendliness make visits easy. They continue to use the new technology for dental hygiene I wish Dr Resnick much happiness on his Retirement. He has set a strong foundation for Paramount to have continued success.” — Michele D.

“Professional and courteous treatment and staff. The dentists and technicians are thorough, competent, and friendly. I can't imagine a better family dentist than Paramount Dental Arts..” — Carolina

“Have been coming here since my first tooth and I am still coming here over 30yrs later. Friendly, smart, helpful staff always willing to do what they can. Dr Resnick has been a major help to me personally for what I have needed over the years and now Dr. Schild is JUST AS AMAZING. Need just a cleaning... be sure to see Jackie.” — Brian G.

“Professional caring staff. BEST dental experience ever!! The office is well managed and each of staff went the extra yard to insure a pain FREE dental experience. Thank you !!” — Jody S.

“I was terrified to come to the dentist, I had cracked front, broken back, and hadn’t visited a dentist in over 10 years. I have no problem coming here now, the people here are wonderful have made me feel very comfortable and have worked wonders on my smile. If you have any reservations about coming to the dentist this is the one to choose! They have patience and compassion that is unmatched.” — Big

“Paramount has the best dentists and hygienists. They are so thorough and nice. Everything is explained and they take the time to answer questions and go at your own pace. I highly recommend them.” — Andrea M.

“I have been to many dentists and I have needed a lot of dental work over the years. I never knew going to the dentist could be a pleasant experience. I have severe anxiety over dental work. Dr. Schild made sure I was comfortable the entire time. He is a very gifted and caring dentist. My fillings were painless. I have had no pain or problems since my visit and will be going back for more work soon.” — Margaret N.

“I have been going to my other" family" dental group for over ten years. My kids and husband go to them as well. First Dr. Resnick made you feel like you were his family, then every new person who came aboard took such a personal interest in you (not just your teeth) It is better than therapy it really is!!!! They are so professional, caring, loving and always make you feel so much better about everything. So to me I now love going to the dentist. You should try them. It’s a great time and always gets better. Love and thanks to all of you (especially those who have worked on me xo).” — Helene S.